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GoPro Hero2

Finally found my holy Grail of helmet cameras. I've got a big box of ones I've tried and discarded or broken. The Hero2 rocks.

My only complaints (and I would complain if they hanged me using an old rope)
  • The fisheye effect is pretty noticeable
  • You can't power it with an external battery for a couple of reasons
  • Batteries take a looong time to charge.
  • The battery that comes with it is almost impossible to remove if you have big hands or your hands aren't perfectly clean

Lack of loop mode sucks - you have to waste a lot of time seeking through 1 hour long videos to find the bit you're interested in.

Pretty much every else is excellent. Performance and quality are great, battery life is decent (~2h) a 32GB SDHC card will hold an entire day's worth of riding. Get a handful of spare batteries (the Wasabi aftermarket batteries and charger are great and super-inexpensive - $26 for 2 batteries and a charger)

Captures those "intimate moments" very nicely

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