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Originally Posted by spress View Post
Hey Paul,

Nice ride, excellent photos. I'm running the same engine as you in my MT03 and I remembered something I had read previously when you mentioned that your rear brake fluid boiled coming down from California Pass.... and then using the engine to brake on the way down with it turned off. According to Yamaha, the transmission on this engine is not properly lubricated and may be damaged if the bike is coasted or towed for any distance with the engine turned off. Just a thought and a heads up.

Good luck with the trip and the new venture.

i get exactly what you are saying but with no way of using the front because the slope was so steep it would lock up so i had no choice...well i did kind of, sleep on a mountain at 12,600 feet, i had 4.3 total miles to the bottom so i did it very slowly and ran the bike as much as i could to keep any sort of lubrication going, and tapping the front brake like a manual ABS system...times like these you need to improvise as much as you can...remember i had a complete noob riding with me and he was on fumes and beginning to freak out, i needed off that mountain
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