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Interesting that all the bikes would be so close to the same speed. If you really want to geek out, put on a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter and ride some laps. That might tell you which bike's working you harder.

Thanks for trying out the suspension (and telling me about it). Since I can't do good back-to-back tests it's nice to have some sort of confirmation that I'm not just imagining improvements. FWIW, I have a nagging feeling that my front rebound is actually too slow. I did the spring-mass-damper calculations, and for the rear it turned out that a damping factor of 1 feels about perfect. Imagine that. Basic Mech-E theory actually working. Of course, I BSed so much of the calculation that it may just be a coincidence.

The front is now 1.25, and I'll try less, as it's still a bit divey in whoops. Since your bike is lighter than mine (and probably has lighter springs too) you'd probably want even lighter valving as well, just to get the same damping factor.
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