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I wanted to toss this out there as it is one heck of a deal. I was shopping for some parts and just figured eh..why not take a look.

This is one of the Re-Re's of the original SRB the Rough rider. it just has the silver body. If anyone knows what these go for in hobby shops you know how good a deal this is.

These buggies, and the sand scorcher are going back into the vault so if you want one this may be your last chance. The LHS (that I try to give my business to) wanted to sell the SS to me for over $400....I got it shipped to my door from Tower for 260...this shipped is shipping costs on any of them...and I could have gotten an extra 50 off by using a tamiya promo code I did not know about....bummer.

Just wanted to toss this out here for this classic buggy.

I just checked UPS and the SS is on the truck and headed to my house.....I get a toy before I go to the urologist MOON RIVER.
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