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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
I ride an '88 K75....about 70hp. I think. She does still seem to move with alacrity from a standing start and easily holds 80-85 on the freeway. I'm told she will hold 100mph all day without a whimper and so far she looks like that's true. My question is for those of you who ride older bikes: How do you feel about this "less than modern sportbike performance"?

Doesn't bother me a bit.

I take at least one trip of 500-1000 miles every year on my 1965 BMW R69S, along with two friends who own the same model. We're able to cruise at 80+ if we choose to, and I've had mine to 110 mph. (indicated by a pretty accurate speedometer)
Does anyone really need to go any faster than that?

I get really annoyed by people who have no experience with old bikes showing their ignorance about them when they question why anyone would ride one of these "slow, poor handling, unreliable old POS's".
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