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Alright, so before the internet induced interlude, we were here:
Traveling the Pine Pass towards Mackenzie, I think I was on the edge of a cold front of something. The temperature has dropped almost 20 degrees in the last hour and it would rain hard for a bit, then stop, then rain again. After 40 minutes or so, I thought I had gotten through the worst of it (since it was coming from the west) so I started looking for a promising looking side road to do a little stealth camping. I probably checked out a half dozen tracks and trails, but didn't find anything that I liked the looks of, so I kept reverting to the highway.

By about 1:50, I was having trouble staying awake, and after groggily dodging a moose, I decided I should camp at the next opportunity. It turned out to be a gas plant of some kind. Off to one side, there was a asphalt pad (the remains) of some sort of building, that I decided would be better than wet grass. I didn't take me long to set up my tent, as I didn't bother to stake it down or put on the fly.

As I mentioned earlier, my front tent pole (which had broken this spring and was supposed to be in on warrantee 2 months, then 2 weeks, then 2 days before my trip) had not arrived. So instead, I was using a fiberglass one from my sons $10 play tent that was 2 feet too long. Thankfully, it was about as rigid as a wet noodle, so I just bent it that much more and it ended up working ok.

I was tired before I had left 12 hours earlier, so despite having no sleeping pad, I found the asphalt surprisingly comfortable and I fell asleep right away.

For about 45 minutes anyways.
So there I was, trying sleep at a gas plant somewhere in the Pine Pass...on asphalt...with no sleeping a broken tent...with the fly off...and it started to rain.

I got out of the tent and prompty began to be bit by mosquitoes. How they dodge the water bombing I have no idea. Can you imagine raindrops the size of your body (and 10 times as heavy) plummeting around you? Like a colder, less lethal Vietnam. But anyways, I went back inside and put some clothes on.

Once I was that far, I decided to just put them all on. I hate rolling up a wet tent anyways. Back on the bike it was.

I needed to get fuel at the Mackenzie Junction, which I didn't think would be open at 4 in the morning, so I took my time. Before long it was light out again.

I stopped at Bijoux Falls for a stretch.

Bijoux means "jewel" in French. And I'm sure they were before the fence went it. I guess that happens when falls are too close to a road.

I still like waterfalls though. One of these days I'm going to try to hit and all 42 or so around Tumbler Ridge and do a RR.

This early though, there were still lots of bears feeding along the highway. This one was quite close, but it was too dark and my flash went off and ruined the picture.

I got a slightly better shot of this one.

And this one.

Still too dark for good pics, but I like the chest blazes on this one.

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