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Originally Posted by Mista Bob View Post
All these people moaning about how the photographers are a distraction should quit riding right here and now.

There are always distractions when riding on the street that are out of your control.
If you can't handle not acting like a dolt at some tiny distraction you really don't belong on the road.

Hell even on the racetrack there is going to be distractions. Like photographers, spectators and so on.

You crash "because of" a photographer? Guess who's fault it is. No one but your stupid self. The photographer doesn't make anyone crash, people make themselves crash.

You crash trying to show off to a photographer? Also your own damn fault.
Gotta love the "it's everyone else's fault, not mine" world we live in.
Pointing out that photogs are a distraction is not moaning. It is merely an acknowledgement of reality. And yes, it is still the rider's fault if they crash.

There's a post on ADV where somebody at a track day had the course photog tell them "If you want to see some great crash pics then look for me out on the course." or something to that effect.

But I will take your sage Internet advice and quit riding as of today.

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