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Originally Posted by MadChap View Post
Dennis: End of August I'm up for contract renewal and will be getting the Sam GalaxysIII. Currently using HTC Incredible. For GPS I've been using Garmin HCX Legend. The USB input on it is now shorting so I either need to send it in for repair of just totally go android.

Since you've clearly spent lost of time on the Android platform I have a question. The Garmin maps seem to show many more primitive roads than Google Maps. I'm in central Oregon and just out my back door there are "roads" that show on my Garmin but not on Google Maps. Are there any alternative maps with more detail?

When I ride my DR350 the conditions for the GPS, Ram mounted to my handlebars, creates lots of shock on the mount and electronics. Ram Mounts is making waterproof mounts for phones. Do you think the phone Galaxy will handle the shock, or should I stick with the Garmin for rough terrain and use the Android for road rides with the Vstrom?

Thanks for any advice. If these questions are being asked anywhere else, I'd love the links.

sorry I didn't get back to you sooner on this.. I'd not checked this post in a few days.

Great choice on the Sam Galaxy III
(my other fav is the Sam Galaxy Nexus but only because I much prefer the pure Android experience without all the OEM additional bells and whistles.)

I'll mention up front that I'm not current with the Garmin products anymore.
I had them for years in my airplanes but never quite warmed up to their motorcycle offerings.
Got rid of my last one a few years ago and have been using alternates ever since.
The last two and half years I've used Google Maps and they're getting better all the time.
I do some "off road" with my Ural side car set up but don't consider myself a hard core "explorer".
Here in central Florida, the Google Maps have every forest road and unmarked cow path that I've run across.

RE: "The Garmin maps seem to show many more primitive roads than Google Maps."
Is there any chance you could post a side by side screen capture or picture that shows that?
There is lots of (negative) chatter on some forums about the older Garmins having more detail but the newer ones not having so much.

If you have an older Garmin and it has ALL the roads you prefer to travel I would keep it alive as long as you can..
.. a newer Garmin may not.

You can load very detailed topo maps on the Google offerings but I'm not sure that would provide the same flexibility you now enjoy with your Garmin. You'd have to preplan a bit more with the topo maps
Check out some of the Gmap4 stuff at:

re: "handle the shock"
As far as being able to "take it" I think if you don't bust the screen the phone will take about any "shock" you get on the bike
(short of jumping the red river canyon .. :-) )
I use an otterbox "Defender" on my Nexus.
.. but I also pay the few bucks a month for insurance so in case anything DOES happen it's no big deal and I just get a new one.
The smartphone for me is a tool to be used in that manner, not some jewel to be kept locked away.
In the past few months, there have been a few ruggedized phones coming on the market..
.. not sure if they are military spec but definitely more water resistant which is the main problem.
When the weather gets bad for me I just put the phone in a waterproof pocket and continue listening to it through my Bluetooth headsets.
If it's raining SO hard that I have to put the phone away, I probably should not be looking at IT anyway.

Google Maps have made some great changes this year.
No signal is no longer a problem. You can now pre-load VERY large map sections in advance.
So it is more and more like dedicated GPS.
You can view any of their maps and see your location on it.
What you can't do yet when you have no signal is ask it to find directions for you.
That, is still signal dependent; but I expect that to change soon too.
They have already announced their intent is to eventually make it a fully off line application.
I "play" as often as I can in the North Carolina mountains and mostly there is no signal in the shadows of the hills..
.. but I can preload almost the entire Smokey Mountain National Park with one click..
If I need more, I can download all the surrounding areas with a couple of more clicks.
I live in "the forest" of Central Florida (Ocala National Forest) and I have that entire 800 sq mile area preloaded into my phone.

hope that helps some..
... sorry I'm not as current on the Garmin stuff as I used to be.
Google does it all for me now and with EMFB to show animated weather on the same app, well that's about all I need.
If I were exploring "true wilderness" like where you live I'd have all the hi-res topo maps preloaded..
I might even keep the old phone charged and loaded with all the same maps (as a backup)..
.. even after it's deactivated from the service provider it's still a nice gps with a decent screen.


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