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I am glad you didn't take that Pirate stuff personally. Since I recently got back into motorcycling it seems I have found a bunch of "experts" in my neighborhood and among my relatives. MOST of them I consider to be "Pirates" because they get all dressed up and act the part but they hardly ever ride. And if they do, it's usually to the 36 Saloon in Rockville - and back. So, I have a bunch of "expert Pirates" that ride less miles in a year than I do in a month giving me all kinds of advice. And the advice I get most often is "get a real motorcycle." :)

On the other hand my experiences from commuting everyday from the Greencastle area to downtown Indy on my bike is that there are two types of people with motorcycles:

Type 1
- Motorcyclists/enthusiasts: No matter what brand/style these are people that ride - at least a moderate amount all the way up to a LOT. These folks ALWAYS give the "wave" unless they are preoccupied with controlling their bike in traffic and when you meet up with them at a gas station or someplace they almost always are talkative - this includes Harley and (insert other cruiser style/brands here) riders. They are like kindred souls, understanding the dangers and difficulties of riding but enjoying the thrill of the wind ...

Again, this can include any kind of bike/rider. In our ranks there is no shortage of "Adventure" riders that have long hair, scraggly beards, and often look like hell warmed over (I am one of those). What you ride is not nearly as important as HOW you ride and how you view and associate with other riders.

Type 2
- People that like the "lifestyle" and can afford a motorcyle. Most often associated with "Pirates." Bikes are pretty and most always CLEAN and shiny and can easily be seen sitting in front of a bar with 10's more just like it.

There ARE some Type 1's that sometimes participate with Type 2s and that's ok.

I have to tell you my prejudice in this matter is unfair perhaps - but I own it. :)

Hope to see you around and/or go riding sometime!

Originally Posted by Fullcyc View Post
Hello jdfog2,
First off, I want to Thank you for your service. It is very much appreciated, and secondly, it looks as though we have something in common with our background in riding. I too started on a small trail bike at about the same age and rode up until my late 20's. I've just recently gotten back in the saddle after (30) long years and have just completed my 3000th mile, on my new to me 2002 Harley Sportster, over the weekend...

I look forward to viewing your thread. Being close to your area I'm sure I'll see some interesting places to add to my ever-growing bucket list of things to see. I see you have already visited the Buzz Bomb. That's on my list as well and I hope to get by there sometime before cold weather sets in. If we get any cold weather this year that is?..

I also saw your comment in MXP553's "Chasing Bridges" thread about ( "Pirate" looking dudes on chromed out loud and low bikes. ) and left a bit of a comment about it there:

Your comment had me in stitches...
I don't blame ya bit for not wanting to ride your bike to a bar, sitting around posing, when you could be out riding some interesting back roads and seeing some of the great sites this state has to offer... As I mentioned to MXP553 in my reply there I hope to possibly hook up with you all for some good riding sometime in the near future.

I have only been as far west as Cataract & up over the lake into Cunot using IN42 to get there and it's a great little road all the way out. Hope to get on out a little farther as time goes by.

You've got a great start to your thread and I'm sure I will enjoy viewing it. I had been thinking of starting my own, "Daily ride" thread and have been getting some of the photos ready for it, so I hope you'll stop in to take a look, when and if, I get it going. Until next time, Ride safe, & Have a great day, Jeff...
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