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Originally Posted by bennoit View Post
Hi Guys,

I hve been travelling on a honda win for the last four months through vietnam, laos and cambodia (had to sell it).
I will fly to indonesia on the 3th of august to jakarta. I think I want to take a train to yogjakarta and rent/buy a motorbike there. I have to be on bali on the 8th till the 30th of september to meet up with my girlfriend (want to drive on bali with her on the back for short distances), and fly out of jakarta on the 3th of oktober (so will be in a hurry to drop the bike of and get back to jakarta).
Does anybody have any advise on routes to take?
Does anybody have any advice on how to get a bike for this trip? I am looking for an all road bike 200cc, but will consider alternatives if ou think they are better. Unfortunately my budget is rather limited. I/we travel light. Can I rent something like this easily? or are there places where I can buy, and then sell back again?
hope to hear from you!

Grtz Benno
hey mate I live in jogjakarta,
if you've been riding a honda win for the past few months you should set your sights lower in terms of a bike here.

In terms of budget and bike it would help if you let us know how much you are working with... and of course what you are looking for. Does the bike have to be full manual or is a step though ok? capacity is it really that crucial?

250cc is the maximun local bike limit with prices for such bikes being high no matter what condition. the only dual-sport (if thats what you mean by all-road) is the klx 150 or 250 both of which are well out of your budget.

When you get to jogja look in the local newspapers or have a look on for bikes local to here.
To give you an idea of prices...
Manual Bikes-
'77 honda cg 125 ~350usd
'82 kawasaki kh 100 ~250usd
'07 suzuki thunder (gs) 125~ 750
'95 honda tiger 200 ~650usd
'04 suzuki shogun 125 ~500usd
'86 suzuki bravo 100 ~175usd

I've got some tools, some space and can help you find something if you want.
I can ask around for you to see if someone is willing to rent a bike to you for some time.
I could possibly be interested in a buy back if its the right bike.

In regards to your route to bali from Jogja, i strongly suggest that you do not take the north route ie jogja-solo-surybaya-bangywangi it is very dangerous because its the main java highway. not recommended as an introduction to indonesian roads. the southern coast route is much more pretty and sedate.
if i'm on a bike i always take this route. its nearly as fast but so much nicer. forget the 'more civilised route', its not true, the north route is so much more aggressive and dangerous. there is petrol everywhere in java. you dont need to buy 24hrs from a petrol station as you wont ( i hope ) be 'le-mans' driving. Nice accomodation is easier to find on the south route too.

I'll be around until the 10th of aug, after that i have to go away for work. PM me if you want my phone number. I can put you up for a night or 2 when you get to jogja and maybe take you for a ride on the volcano.

Cheers Andy
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