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Originally Posted by woolsocks View Post
Let's say I attempt to pass the cars in the right lane, so I move over to the left lane and start passing. Generally, what part of the lane should I be in? Should I be on the right side of the left lane near the cars that I'm passing in the right lane so they can see me in their mirrors (if they use them) or should I go towards the left side of the left lane and be near the center line of the road and hence be near oncoming traffic that could possibly cross the center line and hit me?
you'll get different opinions. mine is:

i assume i have absolutely no influence on what any cars will do and that they will not see me no matter what i do.

so, i position myself in such a ways as to make avoiding them if they do something stupid easiest.

so, if there are no oncoming cars, i would be in the left of the left lane near the center line in the situation you describe. that gives the most cushion for them to wander into my lane and not hit me and, more importanly, gives me the most time to see that they are doing that and react.

if there are cars in the oncoming lane, i will be in the middle of the lane so i have as much time and space as possible to react if the oncoming car crosses the center line while still having some time and space to react to the car i am passing.
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