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I bought an AFX about two months ago,,after some phone calls getting the sizing issues clear I went with a large helmet with x-large cheek pads,,this worked nicely for me.

I hauled the thing to Montana, plunked it on my head and set out on the Continetal Divide Trail,,that's right,,no break-in, no nothing.. I figured if it just didn't work, I would look for something else along the way. Well,,at the end of the ride, I was still wearing the Afx.

It broke in nicely and is as comfortable as any helmet I have had,,and I usually wear Arai. I thought the buckle and chin strap might bother me, but after a couple of hours, I just didn't notice it anymore,,and it is nice for working the strap with wet gloves on.

I modified the visor (peak) so that it comes down a little lower, an may work with it some more, and it would be nice if the shield had a detent to hold it open just a little,,maybe a half inch or so, but I think I can modify things a bit and make it do that.

I really liked having the shield in the rain and hail,,and bugs. The only issue I'm still working on is the glasses wanting to ride up,,tough to ride when you're looking through the bottom part of the bifocals. I think I may have a fix for that though, I just need to get access to a sewing machine that will sew through the cheek pad...

Overall,,,a good buy. And the guys at Atomic are great to deal with....
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