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Originally Posted by woolsocks View Post
Is this correct?

I'm on a two lane road (two lanes one way, two lanes the other way). I'm in the right lane behind some cars, I will generally be in the left side of that lane so that the cars in front of me can see me in their mirrors (if they use them) and I can be seen by oncoming traffic attempting to turn left in front of me. Let's say I attempt to pass the cars in the right lane, so I move over to the left lane and start passing. Generally, what part of the lane should I be in? Should I be on the right side of the left lane near the cars that I'm passing in the right lane so they can see me in their mirrors (if they use them) or should I go towards the left side of the left lane and be near the center line of the road and hence be near oncoming traffic that could possibly cross the center line and hit me? I always apply lots of throttle when passing and get the hell out of there. I'm always about 5 to 10 miles an hour faster than traffic and throttle it if I need to get out of a blind spot or pass quickly. So, any advice?

IMO, it's a situational thing and not amenable to a 'rule' of some sort. The only rule I have is pass as quickly as you can to return to a space where negligent behavior on the part of the cages can't affect you.
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