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Originally Posted by fatboy View Post
Yeah, I've seen gates like this west and sw of junction. They really are a lot easier, and faster, when you team up on them with a leap frog routine. There were a couple we needed two bikes to push open. :)
Well, you just have to see my "technique". It involves velocity and mucho mass. Works well 9/10 times and only takes one bike and everybody else shoots the gaps. Usually 2 to 4 bikes can get thru. The tenth time is when I hit the gate that's made from 3/4" steel plate and leaf springs from a one-ton truck (or, even worse, the time I found one that was "locked"). It ain't real pretty to watch. Most especially from my seat. Then I have to employ my secondary technique which consists of bull-dozing it open leaving my clutch smelling like a cat on fire. Yeah. Big fun. lol

BTW, around here we call the road "Bumpgate Road". It's a mainstay at the RTB Rally.
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