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Originally Posted by wannaklr View Post
Everything will be fine for the first two years. Then the attendance falls for the race and the promoters start realizing they are never going to get their investment back. The state money has dried up because a new group of politicians have been elected that want to show how fiscally conservative they are, and why are the good people of Texas paying for a bunch of multi-millionaires to ride around in cars. So the track and the promoters are losing money, lots of money, for every event. They ask Bernie to lower the sanctioning fee during the next round of negotiations. He tells them to pound sand because he doesn't need the Austin track since he has the NY/NJ guys salivating or the Moscow track ready to go. Eccelstone has said many times that F1 does not need a US race.

Then Austin loses the date like Indy did, and Bernie is off chasing a night race in Vietnam. So it can be shown in prime time in Europe.

Just my thoughts.

What were the attendance figures for Indy F1?

I'm just debbie fucking downer today!
To be more accurate, the Michelin debacle at Indy created a pall that was difficult to recover from. In the US, if you don't deliver you are toast, there are many other things to do. It was just a cosmic misfortune on many counts after that.

The Austin track will be far more entertaining. Bernie is yanking it about not needing NA. Austin is close enough to pull Mexico too. It is a double win for F1. Not so much for Texas if they don't go home afterwards.
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