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coming out of Moab early in the morning

i headed out on the Utah backcountry discovery route north of Green River, having done a lot of the routes further south i was on section 8.

Over the last few weeks Southern UT has been having severe flash flooding on a daily basis, i was wary about heading out just in case areas had been washed out or made impassable for one reason or another.

Initially the route seemed OK for the first ten miles or so

after that the heavy rains started to show the toll on the trail, there were long sections of deep sand, so if you don't like deep sand avoid this section, there's lots of it right now

i found a section that first appeared to be a gate i needed to go thru, but there was no way

later down the trail i found what i think was the right gate, so i went thru

all good again and at one point you cross the 'spanish trail'

then out of nowhere i hit so rough ground and the GPS cut out, i have a zumo 550, so i did the normal check - taking out the battery and replacing it - nothing, i then pulled out the tools and went thru the electrical system, connections, fuses, charging wires from source to the head unit, everything was good, but all it would do would scroll thru the initial first two flash screens and then cut off.

i have a 60csx as a back up on the bars but it only has base map, as i use it mainly for altitude or compass, now this was my main unit!!!

a quick check of the map showed the main paved road maybe 6 miles away, i was at a point on the trail where i had two choices, follow the trail and head in deeper, but with no GPS tracks and the map has no names and the trail doesn't i headed towards the road - hopefully, it was all a little vague, i was trying to find a definite point i could recognise - i came across a ranch entrance

no i know if you see this you are heading the wrong way

i came to a cross roads after being chased down the trail by a big black bull for about 100 years!!! and there was a truck there, it was the rancher who owns some of this land, he wanted to know if i had see any of his bulls!!! YES, i told him i was chased and he laughed, " that bull is heading this way for water, he was chasing you cause he thinks you might steal his water

so i tell him i am looking to get off the trail as my GPS as taken a shit, we are sitting at a crossroads, 4 ways to go i figure, so i ask which is the best way, he points at two of them and tells me i could use either, and then points in a direction where there is no trail and said you could go that way if you want as well.

he laughs and then points, "go that way" its the shortest, i said 6 miles, which is what it shows on the maps to scale, he told me it was 16 miles, and it was...he took off

the road is fast and scenic

i get back to the highway, but on the way something isn't right with the front end...later in the day i check the bearings that "the guy in silverton helped me with new grease a few days earlier". i pulled the whole front end apart in a motel parking lot

what i found is the "mechanic" just added new grease to the bearings and didn't clean them first, there was old grease with grit and dirt under the new grease, this is what made the front end feel notchy so soon...i went thru the whole thing, cleaned and regreased and got it all back in one piece in about an hour for $10.50 spent at the local Napa store

because of this i decided to head out of UT and go to Reno, long day on the road passing Bonneville Salt Flats, but a whole lot of nothing else for the rest of the day

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