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Originally Posted by ArtCuisin
A cat born in a doghouse is still a cat.
I have absolutely no idea what this means in relation to the BMW scooter.

1) The BMW scooter is assembled in Berlin.
2) Berlin also makes all the engines and chassis for all K models, R models, and F models (not 100% sure about the engines on the F).
3) There is no physical room in the Berlin factory to manufacture the scooter engines. The choice was either NOT to make scooters at all or to subcontract the manufacture of this wholly-BMW-designed engine (according to Mr. Maier, the Scooter Product Manager whom I met in Garmisch, Germany a month ago) elsewhere.
4) Kmyco is a tried and trusted partner to BMW on previous projects, so was a natural choice to make the engines.

These are the facts as I understand them.

Who has got hard evidence to the contrary?

I totally understand if someone does not want to buy a motorcycle with an engine made in Korea, that is their right to do so. Let's stick to the facts in this thread.
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