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Originally Posted by MadChap View Post
Thanks for the information. Here's a screen capture zoomed at 1 mile for both programs. Mapsource on left, Google Maps on right. This is just east of my house. Mapsource obviously has way more roads than Google. However most of those "roads" that show are not roads at all but just very faded and overgrown jeep trails. Just the kind I like to ride.
ok.. I see.
Easy question:
Have you tried just turning on the SAT view in Google Maps?
For the same location as in your example when I turn on the SAT view I can see all those overgrown jeep trails and more...
..especially when zoomed in a bit...
(I'm guessing they're not marked anyway?)
The TERRAIN view provides a decent topo too.


Even when I'm using GN on the street bike.. I ALWAYS have the SAT view on..
.. it's like having a real time helicopter view of where I'm riding..

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