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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
Yeah, I over nerded-out there. But the jets, in particular turbo-fan vs turbo jets, have gotten a lot better in fuel consumption but it is still a thirsty proposition all 'round. I suspect the "built" Reno type unlimited piston engines would burn twice what the standard Merlin does. Last "your tax payer dollars at work" department: Military jets in afterburner typically burn 5-7 times more fuel than they do at normal maximum power.

The built racing engines can burn anywhere from 350 GPH (Merlin) to 550 GPH (R-4360).

FWIW, the last conversation I had with a P-51 owner included the phrase "$1,500 per hour to operate." That figures in maintenance, insurance, and such. Not a cheap hobby, that's for sure.

Hey Lornce; the offer still stands. You get yourself down here and we'll go to the Air Races in Reno. I gots me a spare Airhead for you to ride.
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