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Exactly! Brings an old saying to mind about the poor carpenter who blames his tools.

I started this thread to hear from folks who have ridden or maybe have seen the NC700X in person but so far it seems that those individuals have not spoken up. Since I already have a very dirt capable DS bike and I don't have a lot of cash, I got excited when I saw this model from Honda as a possible replacement for my aging KLR 650 for making longish rides and for commuting back and forth to work. I would throw on some DS tires and fabricate some sort of bash plate but it would probably only see gravel roads and perhaps a jeep trail or two. It is 500lbs after all. From what I've read in reviews, I think it will fit the bill nicely for me but I was hoping to hear some first hand experiences from a trusted source. Thanks for your inputs so far.
Depending on what is important to you this could be a bike worth looking at. It is a nice looking bike with a very good riding position. The main goal of this bike appears to be versatility, top notch fuel economy, and reasonable price point. The dealer I stopped in today just got one in after selling two last week. The bike seems very popular and may open the door to Honda bringing more adventure style/type bikes stateside.

It sounds like it could be a good match to your requirements. When sitting on it and tossing it side to side it feels pretty light.
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