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Originally Posted by daq7 View Post
Yeah if you build the integration to determine the center of mass of the system, I am sure you can demonstrate mathematically beyond doubt that the center of gravity goes up. What is important is that your body does not have to lean with the bike in order to turn. Not having to rotate the mass of your upper body makes the rotational inertia of the bike somewhat lower.

Your cog gets farther from the ground or from where the tires make contact with the ground. However your weight can now press down on either the left or right side creating a moment that can be used to keep the bike vertical while going around a corner.

If you stand on both pegs equally at all times may as well just stay on the seat.

The best way to do it is to stay just on the seat holding the bike with your legs and knees while all the weight is on the pegs using the balls of your feet.

The main reason to stand is to move your weight far forward or backward and to accomodate extreme movement of the bike.

It is incorrect to say standing lowers your cog.
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