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Originally Posted by bdjuju View Post
I suppose it's a matter of taste. I like it!

This would probably be too modern looking, but I have something similar on my Monster:

Or maybe get arty like this Wrenchmonkees piece:

Speed holes?
That's the kind'a thing I'm looking for :) Do you have a picture of your monster?

In the meantime I got stuck really bad in the mud:







It was a fuckin' nightmare... It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I went to this military training ground close to my city. Having fun in the dirt, broke the clutch leaver AGAIN (that was 2 weeks ago, update: this week I broke it AGAIN, at this rate I'll have to buy them in boxes). Anywas around 1800h I was going thru this tank trail, it was a little wet after the rain. And I misjudged one puddle of mud by far. I went right into it and buried the bike in this shit up to the axles. I was alone and there was nobody else in the area. Why is nobody riding tank trails on any Sunday like in the old days? I was pushing/jumping/wrestling the bike 1cm at a time and an hour later I was 1m back. At that time I noticed there was a very subtile ssssssssssssssss......... like noise coming from the rear of the bike. I decided to reject that fact for the sake of my mental health and carry on. Good news was the Sun was getting lower and it wasn't so hot. Bad news was the Sun was getting lower. At that moment the pushing/jumping/wrestling technique stopped working. And the bike was still up to the axles in the puddle. At one time I was very close to a mental breakdown. I sat and calmed down. I had to get it higher to be able to push it back. I laid the bike on the side and started putting branches, sticks and anything I could find around under the wheels. Than put it upright and tried to push it. Not enough. Laid it again, put stuff in the holes, put it upright, tried to push it. I did it countless times. 2 hours later I managed to get it out another 50cm, and the Sun managed to get behind the horizon. I kept my mind busy thinking about the the small problems and direct solutions to them. I was too afraid that If I looked at the big picture I would panic. The big picture was that I was fucked and it was getting dark. I kept stuffing wood under the bike, pushing, falling and getting stuck in mud myself for another hour. Now it was dark for real and I couldn't get it out any more. I was shaking from exhaustion and couldn't feel my members. I had one last idea before I died. I gave it a shot. I put one big branch under the bike, laid the bike on it and started rotating it. It worked. When I got the bike the other way round, I fired it up and rode out of this shit. After 4 hours! Remember that subtile sssssssssss....... noise I rejected before? Well, it turned out to be very real. I had to ride 10km home on a flat rear tire.

I had mud in my mouth, in my hair, in my shoes, in my eyes and in my pockets. It was even in my dreams, as I was very shaken by the hole incident and couldn't sleep that night. I hope this lame story will relief me from the trauma hehe ;)

I got the tire back on in the repair shop the next morning and noticed another funny thing, there was no give in the rear suspension. It was stuck compressed all the way down. I relieved it with a crowbar, the bike jumped up from the side stand and fell down breaking off the clutch lever completely. Anyways I think my rear springs are shot dead. I put them on the hardest setting and when I ride alone it's kinda good, but when I ride with my special lady the suspension goes all the way down and get's stuck there. Before I was able to ride thru forest with her on the back without bottoming out. With the middle setting. So far on the 'must replace any time soon' list are the rear master cylinder, front wheel bearings, NASA spec hardened super strong composite clutch leaver and rear suspension.

Last week I loaded the bike into my van and went 600km south to my grandfather's 80th birthday party. He lives in a really beautiful hilly countryside. When I wanted to get the bike out of the car I noticed the rear tire was flat again. Like the last time, there was no puncture. It's tubeless tire and the dirt got between the tire bed and the rim leading to a leak. This time I invested 8 EUR in an inner tube so this shouldn't happen again. I hope.
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