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When I first bought my '05 FZ6 I noticed a little bit of surging at idle. No big deal I thought, just a little out of sync, and rode it. Lately it has a stumble off idle, especially with just a blip of the throttle, and sometimes it "misses out" on hard acceleration, but eventually smooths out sort of like an engine loaded up and finally clearing out. The two problems don't occur all the time. I'll say most of the time it's just fine. Well, today, riding in town accelerating away from a stop I noticed the roughness off idle and also "pinging". Any ideas what might be the problem? The roughness, I'd suspect injection, but the pinging I'm wondering if there's an ignition control going bad. The bike has just under 29,000 miles on it. I have only had it about 700 miles and it appears to have been well maintained.

Thanks, in advance for thoughts and experience you might have had with anything similar.

Called the local Yamaha dealer two days ago to ask about having them check out my bike. Told him the symptoms and he said they had NEVER had any fuel pump/fuel pressure issues so suggested I use some fuel injector cleaner. I bought a bottle of Lucas injector cleaner, put about 1/3 of it into an almost full tank and rocked the bike long enough to mix it in. Left for a ride and almost didn't get back. The bike died on me twice in about 3 miles. At times it sounded like it was running on 1 or 2 cylinders and then would rev up.....kinda like a loaded up engine clearing out, but with a more "dead" sound before it reved. At this point I think I might have to call another nearby dealer and take the bike to them. I'm afraid I'd be getting in over my head on this "new-fangled" injection stuff.

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