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Hello all! My name is Shane and I'm new to bike riding and building. About 2 years ago, I bought my wife a Honda Spree for our anniversary, and enjoyed riding it around so much, that I ended up with another, then another. Eventually, I ended up with four of them. I know I look like a douche riding around on it, but I had fun, and it sparked my interest in building something bigger.

So I started looking around for something a bit bigger, but not too big. Just something I could bomb around town on. I decided on a cb350, and quickly found 2 titled parts bikes in my area for next to nothing.

Then I found a great deal on a running and riding sl350 locally that I also scooped up. It was in rough shape, but I didn't mind, it gave me a good starting point.

A few days later, I had something like this.

Next up was fitting an rd400 tank, cl360 fork (about 2" shorter than the sl350 units), welding on a longer hoop for the longer seatpan, and lengthening the swingarm 4". The swingarm really changed up the look, as well as the rd400 tank. I like the kind of layed out stance it has with the rear wheel kicked back.

I got everything pretty much tacked up on the frame how I wanted it, so it was time to tear it down to finish my welds, paint and clean the engine up a little.

So that's where I'm at right now. Plans are to paint the frame black, engine will be raw/dull aluminum with black sidecovers. Trying to keep the polished metal to a minimum, but the forks and upper triple will be a dull, slightly polished finish. I'm hoping to have it assembled by next weekend, but I'm waiting on my fork seals, fork bearings and allen bolts fot my engine covers. Updates will follow!

Oh yeah, and here's my moped, lol
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