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i didnt see this thread ... before i posted in the orange crush area ....
on the 3 rd of december 2010 ... i was hit head on at 120kph by a young girl in a stolen car that had its springs cut and different sized wheels on etc etc ...... i saw the car coming , i have been riding for 24 years and road raced for 3 years , i couldnt avoid the crash , i hit thr front and then the windshield , i went straight up and came straight down . when i sat up , i looked down at ehere my right leg should have been was torn off below the knee the tib and fib were splintered and sticking out , my femoral artery was torn and pumping my lifes blood onto the road ..... my right radius arm was broken , my left wrist was shattered , my left leg was broken in 5 places in the tibial plateau , the left femur was split , my left ankle was broken and my big toe was broken as well , i would like to say i was tough and was quiet .... i screamed and screamed ..... i have served 15 years at that point in the new zealand fire and rescue service .... i knew i was about to die ..... something clicked in my head and i thought , stop screaming you fukin idiot , and start saving your self .....i starting yelling at the people standing around for a belt or rope or something to tie my leg off , asked for my helmet to be taken off , i was moving my head around so much , i figured if i had neck injuries i would know already .... got my leg tied off , i talked the young guy thru it , once my leg was tournaqued off i tried to asses my other injuries .... i still thought i was dyin at that stage ... so i got someone to dial my wife and i spoke to her in a way that someone does if they think they are never going to see them again ....not a call i hope anyone on here has to make .....i only passed out in the chopper on the way to the hospital ...... woke up in the ED , then woke up in the ICU ... and found out the damge to my right knee was too much and they had to cut off the rest to about mid thigh ...i was in hosp for 42 days , out for one week back in for 2 weeks due to a staph infection , then out , and a week later i got married to my very strong very awesome wife .... she is a canadian citizen and came to live with me in new zealand , i told her she could leave anytime ... she stayed , i can never thank her enough .
there is a small u-tube doco on me called .....plan b for blair ....if you have a spare 28 mins take a look ,

anyway this seemed like a good place to tell my story .... im back riding and walking , heres some pics ..

God Bless you, Blair. You're a tough Kiwi and you can be proud of your work towards recovery. I know how you feel about being so horribly injured that the very work that served to be such a large part of defining who you are is taken away from you. Here's hoping that your recovery continues to progress to the point where you can find a niche that gives you that feeling of service that you had with the Fire Service.

Here's my own story, as a police officer and EMT, who got hurt on the job and on two wheels:

Cheers and good on you!

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