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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
The rev range goes from 0 - 180km/h on the Honda. Why would you run out of rev range? Isn't this just another one of those ride it like a Harley and it will work things. It has a spread of about 3:1 very useable rev range.

Secondly if it doesn't have 3.5 Giga Watts of power maybe it won't run as fast as the others and therefore the suspension travel will be less of an issue.

Why would it be less tough than a V-Strom 650? Any insights on that one?
Are you suggesting that rev range used only in reaching top speeds?
How about overtakes on twisties? How about going in 2nd for 20 km because 3rd too fast and 1st too short? I never believe you did not experience that. What I am saying - or you work through shifts very actively or you run out of range.
I mean - I ran out of rpm range on my previous bike all the time and it was 6500 redline and same or tad more power.
It is annoying when you are trying to squeeze past 45 years old bus on mountain road and sorry - you can't do it in 4th and you can't keep climbing in 2nd after him for miles. I am not saying it is everyone's approach.

Vstrom also do not have 3.5 giga watts :) but sufficient and more than my previous bike by far, but I was walking all over him on my 1991 modified (suspension) Suzuki DR800 on badly or considerable damaged road and gravel roads - everywhere. We swapped bikes and I started to struggle. 220 kg bike when suspension bottoms out first in front is so scary...front wheel drops into pothole up to axle deep sometimes and you feel you about to perform stoppy because there is not enough travel to go over pothole ridge and not enough power and skill to ride like really good riders almost on rear wheel...
After test ride I got impression 35 bhp is enough to upset this suspension 10 times over leave alone 55 with solid torque. It is purely road short travel very very basic cheapo suspension because bike designed to do what it designed to do. I am not saying I know it all, just sharing "sample" of situation.

About less tough - I seen crashed NC just last week at dealer. I don't like to look at crashed bikes, but this one - owner was fine and spill was minor. Lowside but on rough road.
Engine cover LHS and plastic panel in front of it - goners. But mostly - all footpegs assembly sheared etc.
At same time my friend just so goddamn good at dropping his Strom....2 times in front of me, next month on his own, next month again he always overbraking. And I get to fix it
I am impressed how that thing just need to be bent back each time (except brake and gear change pedals - they suck).
After working on many bikes making protection and preparing them I can assure you by looking at actual bike in real live I can tell quite a lot what will break and what not. I even laying them down usually to see what touches first etc. Did not do it with NC, but looked for all details.

To be honest - I am first of all guilty of heavily modifying "unsuitable" bikes for tough conditions, so I probably have to right to make face and say "oh, but don;t do it!"
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