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I'll second klaviator on how well gumshoe has written things up. I hae ridden the t-max and its ergos were not ones I cared for at all. The hump is far too high for one thing. I've been on motorcycles that had a lower clearance or at least easier to mount swing over than the t-max but to each their own. As for how much faith to put into an individual's posts check other threads they are involved with to make your own opinio of how much weight to give them.

Check mine and you will find that I'm biased in favor of the upright traditional scooter ergonomics and dislike for ME the maxiscoot foot forward position not just from test rides but from having owned a Burgman 400 for approx 18 months. That doesm't mean the Burgmans or other maxis are bad scoots. The biggest complaint I've heard about the Swing s that it is top heavy. I really prefer the weight low which to me wold give the advantage to a Burgman over the the Swing and t-max. There are pros to the burgman even to me such s their large storage capacity, how well the faring handles steady crosswinds of the 30-40 mph type and dealer availability. For some people they are the absolute best choice, just not for me. If I'm going to ride something that big or wanted to deal with the higher mounting requirments many of them like the t-max have I'd buy an Aorillia Mana, something I"m still considering off and on. :)

For large displacement scooter my order of preference is the Apriillia Scaraeo followed by the BV. While both share the same engine and seating position the erogonomics, primraily of the seat and suspension are a bit different. I prefer the Scarabeo version but I've taken 3,500+ rides on both and found nyself less fatigued and less butt soreness than a 1,200 mile trip on the Burgman. Granted on the BV it required an Airhawk which I did not have on the Burgman but no such aid was needed on the Scarabeo,
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