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Its fustrating where I get called names when I offer my opinion, I have ridden 10 times more bike models than most everybody else! The only scooters I did ride was the SW and the Burgman, I was the guy that bought a new bike every year cause I was too picky, never could find the right bike that pleased and excited me.
I strongly feel thru my years of experience that my opinion is right on the money. I consider myself the top 10% of the best riders out there, I can take a big Harley and ride it better than the guy that has ridden that same bike for 10 years.
I was guilty in the past of reading the opinions and reviews how wonderfull a bike or a scooter was and rushing out to buy that model then finding out they lied, that bike is a POS,,,,,,, thats why I bought the Tmax, at the time I purchaced it there were no reviews, nobody talking about it, I took a chance buying it and I believe I won!
so,,, I found out to ignore all the great and wonderfull things people say about the bike or scooter they own cause they don't want to look like a failure cause they own the worst one out there,, instead I read the bad things people say about their bikes and I respect that, I feel they are being honest.
The SW is old school design thats cheaply made with smaller tires that doesn't feel balanced and I can feel the cheap quality riding it at higher speeds,, The Burgman is better, but it has a delayed throttle responce and the engine makes strange noises like loose parts are rattling around inside the engine, thats my honest opionion!
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