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Originally Posted by Tacoma View Post
Its fustrating where I get called names when I offer my opinion, I have ridden 10 times more bike models than most everybody else! The only scooters I did ride was the SW and the Burgman, I was the guy that bought a new bike every year cause I was too picky, never could find the right bike that pleased and excited me.
I strongly feel thru my years of experience that my opinion is right on the money. I consider myself the top 10% of the best riders out there, I can take a big Harley and ride it better than the guy that has ridden that same bike for 10 years.
I was guilty in the past of reading the opinions and reviews how wonderfull a bike or a scooter was and rushing out to buy that model then finding out they lied, that bike is a POS,,,,,,, thats why I bought the Tmax, at the time I purchaced it there were no reviews, nobody talking about it, I took a chance buying it and I believe I won!
so,,, I found out to ignore all the great and wonderfull things people say about the bike or scooter they own cause they don't want to look like a failure cause they own the worst one out there,, instead I read the bad things people say about their bikes and I respect that, I feel they are being honest.
The SW is old school design thats cheaply made with smaller tires that doesn't feel balanced and I can feel the cheap quality riding it at higher speeds,, The Burgman is better, but it has a delayed throttle responce and the engine makes strange noises like loose parts are rattling around inside the engine, thats my honest opionion!
Please be careful when you say things like you are in the top 10% of the riders out there.
I am sure you think you are and i will bet in your mind you are. The reality is, unless you have proven yourself on the race track ( the only place that how good you think you are really matters) you are probably not. I say this from some experience at the track as a rider and watching many so called hot shoes fall off their pedestal quickly when they come up against real talent. Not just boasting bravado.

Just because you chose to spend your money to buy the next hottest/fastest/slickest/quickest model only proves you have more disposable income than most of us. Good for you on that point , I wish i were in that position.

Let's all try and keep these discussions civil with some respect.
Thank you , Doug
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