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Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
Hey guys, don't know if I should post my query here or start a new thread. I'll try here first:

I'm riding on a DR650 and will be coming to ZA around end of September from Mozambique; currently in Kenya.

Need some border crossing advice: is there only the one main crossing at Komatiepoort, coming from Maputo or can I cross north of Kruger, near the Zim, Moz, ZA border? Google Maps shows a road there, but it goes thru Limpopo NP in Moz and the north end of Kruger, so not sure if bikes are allowed. Anybody done it?

Should I just stick to the main crossing since I'll be entering SACU who are known to be sticklers about the carnet?

The north crossing goes across the Kruger, you are not allowed on a bike, you may be lucky and get someone to put your bike on a backie or small truck across
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