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Originally Posted by swann View Post
So, advice on a dirt bike for my situation?
Something you're comfortable with. A kids' bike will be closer to your size, and if that's what it takes to get you confidently out and learning more technique, that's the way to go. You'll know later on if you are ready to go up to something bigger. Plus, the price sounds great.

One of the strangest secrets of anything with motors is that a lot of times, the smallest ones are the most fun.

BTW - good on you for gearing up and taking it all seriously. You'll have fun and being a chicken isn't the end of the world. Taking your personal risk threshhold seriously is a good way to have fun and still live as much as you can. It sounds like your hubby might have had a good scare once and never got over it. Keep safe and learn as much as you can and maybe he'll come around for you one of these days.
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