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Had a good ride yesterday. I messed around with suspension for awhile, and found a setting I liked. Fork is something like 15 out on compression, and 5 out on rebound. Seems goofy, but it made for the smoothest, most compliant ride.

I also got to see what my heart rate was while riding. Average heart rate while riding a loop was 160-165bpm. Max of 185, and when I'd be riding and mess up, I'd have a quick spike to 175bpm. I could tell I was fatigued by the end of the day. I had forgotten that I had only eaten breakfast at that point, and I wasn't riding with my camelbak (just grabbing water at the truck).

On the upside, I got some video, so I'll upload that tonight. In the meantime, I'm going to see what I gotta do to properly up my


Oh, and I had the first weird thing ever. My Gaerne boots are actually a shade too big. I need to find some thicker socks to soak up some of the space in them. Weird.
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