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Originally Posted by matloik View Post
Spokane and Coeur d’Alene are not really 'round the Hood, but what the hell--Susi got a new bike--a 2011 BMW G650GS (that's the single), with only 300 miles on it.
That reminds me of the introverted nerdly kid that visited the confessional:

He says "Father, You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night, I met this totally hot woman and we had sex for 3 hours, and then we woke up and did it again,....twice!!"

Father says "Um..... That's very nice, son, but why are you telling me all this?"
Nerdly kid says "Father, did you hear me? I got LAID!!,... I'M TELLING EVERYONE!!!!!!"

Congrats Susi!
Now even Susi has an "adventure" bike. How out of place do ya feel now, matloik?
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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