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Originally Posted by slide View Post
Dirt riding if you are starting out as an adult is dangerous beyond belief.
not true.

i know a number of people who started dirt riding as adults and have suffered no injuries more serious than minor buises.

just don't ride over your head.

The guys who advise this all started out as kids or teens & have this odd belief they are better street riders due to that. Even if true, the many falls they took as flex boned children (needed to learn dirt) will leave an adult crippled and crippled quickly.
only if you insist on riding over your head.

and, btw, there is absolutely no question that dirt riding makes one a better all around rider...including on the street.

It's when you bounce your body off a bunch of rocks at 30 mph is where the damage occurs.
so don't do that. you shouldn't be riding 30mph over rocks until you are ready to ride 30mph over rocks.
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