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just wondering..I think it would be useful.. don't know why I didn't think of it before.
..wondering if anyone else thinks it would be useful too?

Currently, when you select DESTINATION , the only two choices offered are "Navigate To" or "Show Map".
It seems to me like if you were interested in that destination, you might want to know the forecast there too?

I do a fair amount of cross country riding and nearing the end of the day I think this would be useful to know if "pressing on" or "staying put" would be the better choice.

So how about two more new choices?.. something like:
"Destination Forecast Hourly" and "Destination Forecast 7 Day".
That would be two taps total for the weather at your destination..
..or, since your last Destination is always sorted to the top of the list,
I think it could even be just a voice request;
something like: "Computer, say weather at last destination".

I don't think it would be too hard to implement, but it would require a fresh download on your part..
.. maybe 4.20?

If I make the change, then after you select DESTINATION,
you would see something like this:

What say ya'll ?
If no interest, then I will leave things be...
.. or maybe just wait for the next scheduled release in the fall.

Thanks for looking.
Your comments and suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated.
PM's or post here..

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