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Sounds like Garmin may be getting close to the end of the line with regards 276C refurbished units. I recently sent mine in for the out-of-warranty exchange ($160), then a few days later got an email saying the refurbs were backordered (no expected date on email). So I called to get more info and was told they were expected in-house on July 31, but that they often come earlier. Sure enough, a few days later I got an email saying mine had shipped.

As others have said, I received what looked like an almost new looking unit with a new battery (I had kept my old battery as a spare). I was hoping for one with the brighter display, but the new unit seemed like my old one in that regards. I would have to compare with my buddy's 276c to verify since his has always been brighter than mine.

As another bonus, I received an email a few days later saying my CNNT 2013 map updates were available to download. Wasn't expecting this as I was still running CNNT 2009, but went to the link and sure enough it let me download and save the full CNNT 2013 mapset.

Unfortunately, my refurb unit had issues from the get go. After being powered on for 20-30 minutes, the card reader would stop working and the maps would not be available. Tried with different cards and with both hard wire and battery power and same results.

Called support again to get a new refurb shipped. Only one problem, there are no more 276's in stock or on the way. Oh-oh, this is bad news. I'm headed out to Colorado to ride the western TAT very soon. She says hold on while she check on something. Comes back and says she can send a refurb 478 unit instead and can work out a cross-ship arrangement so I will receive my unit ASAP. The 478 is effectively the same unit with preloaded maps (marine and CN) and XM capable. Oh and she tells me to not send in the battery with the unit, so I'll now have two spare batteries.

Got my fingers crossed that I have no problems with the 478.

Just wanted to alert folks that were hoping the out-of-warranty exchange would be there when their 276C's went kaput, that program may be ending for those units soon.
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