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you guys don't understand,,, over here in the states, the U.S. the BMW dealers don't want to sell the new BMW scooter, they are ashamed of it, the same way Harley dealers rejected and still reject selling the V Rod. So when you guys walk into a BMW showroom you're going to laughed at, made fun of cause you want the scooter.
You have to impress the people in the showroom!
I have experience, the same thing happened to me when I visited a Yamaha dealer and wanted the Tmax, at first they didn't take me serious, then they did everything they could to talk me out of buying one, even threatening me not to bring it back or not to bring it to them to service, then they all laughed and made fun of me warning me that other motorcycle riders would make fun of me also,,,, I admit they were right!
Its NOT about what motorcycle or scooter you like or impresses you!
Its ABOUT what motorcycle or scooter that impresses everybody else!
true and false.

I mean yes, its true most motor cycle riders and motorcycle dealers do not take scooters seriously. However, they can in short....suck it.

I dont have to impress them and I dont care if they make total fools of themselves making fun of an automatic transmission motorycle while then jump into their automatic car to haul their manual transmission motorcycle to a rally.

Besides, I literally have zero time for people who judge my character or self worth based on what I buy.
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