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Originally Posted by SourKraut View Post
It may be worth it if they have the rods on the truck. Our well was completely dry at 400' but they hit a massive fracture at 430' and we got 60+ gpm estimated. They told me to open a car wash but that would be somewhat pointless two miles up a dirt road.
They went to 485 today and said production went up a bit. (Not a lot) I'm going to check the static level next time I remember. They were confident that as long as we don't start a pig farm that we should have enough storage to run our house- even if children come along.

Originally Posted by Deacon View Post
Just scanned through your posts about your ICF project. One thing that I did not see mentioned is the inclusion of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System. Stick frame homes are too tight in my opinion based on local codes. I include a HRV in all my homes to a) balance air pressures, b) provide fresh air to the interior, c) keep and control humidity levels and d) retain some advantage from the "bought" air that is already conditioned.
Yup- it's in the works. Leaving it up to the General Contractor who seems to be on top of that sort of thing. I'm hoping to just make it work in conjunction with a duct system for central A/C. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for spending the money on A/C but 1)I hate heat 2)I hate humidity and 3)it doesn't seem to be getting any cooler out there.

In other news I just got back from pouring more footings all by my very self. First time I've done any concrete work by myself. Thankfully it was a small and easy job. I told the driver I was a noob and he took it easy on me.

Tomorrow we'll start building walls on top of those footings and we'll be ready for a pour in no time!

Thanks for reading- nice to know that folks are watching progress.
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