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Travels With Barley
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I have 8k miles on the rig since Claude made this (and other) mods to my GSA/Hannigan. To say it has enhanced my spirited riding is a bit of an understatement! It has made steering not effortless, but easy enough that with Barley as ballast I can really haul ass thru twisties.

This was illustrated on the way back from the MOA Rally in Missouri last month. We were on some rural sweepers in Ohio's Amish country when I noticed a Harley rider coming up fast behind us. The sight bumped me out of sightseeing mode and into booking mode. We quickly lost him in the sweepers. Half an hour later we came to a small town with a really nice village green, and pulled over for a hydration break under the shade trees.

I was sitting there with my dog a few minutes later when the Harley pulled up next to our rig, then spotted us in the shade. "Holy shit!" he shouted with a big grin. "You ride the f*ck out of that rig!"

Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
I got a sidecar to travel with my dog. He never complains, is delighted to be with me, approves of my dietary choices, is a social butterfly who helps me meet folks, appreciates a good beer, snuggles better than my wife, and hangs on my every word as if it's the most profound thing he's ever heard.
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