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Originally Posted by RevZilla View Post
Excellent news, Guy. Happy we can help, as always. Please let us know what you think of the two sizes once you've tried them both on. I have a feeling the size medium is going to be the winner.
Well, I finally got everything all sorted out.

I ended up ordering the Horizon pants, too, so I would have a "suit" I could wear for touring. Usually, I take a size 50 in Rev'it, but the Horizon stuff is only in letter sizes. I think I'm in-between letter sizes, so I looked at not only the medium and large jackets, but also the large short, medium short, and medium regular pants...

All of it fit, more or less, and I wasn't sure which jacket and pants to keep. Your customer service rep Ed helped me out by suggesting that I should go with the large jacket if I would be wearing it in the winter with other clothes under it. He also suggested going with the medium regular pants (which have the longest inseam of the three, at 80cm, vs. 75cm for the large short and 73cm for the medium short) to fit better when I sit on the bike and also to leave enough material to let the velcro cuffs make a good seal around my boots, keeping cold winter air from blowing up my legs. (The large short was just too big for me in the waist, but I thought its inseam was a better fit for me than the medium.)

Note that at least for the Horizon pants, the size chart on your website is wrong. It shows the medium regular and large short as having the same inseam length. But with a tape measure, I measured the medium regular as 5cm longer in the legs than the large short, and the difference is obvious when you try both of them on.

Also, I don't agree with the Horizon jacket video on your website, when it says that the Horizon jacket is so much roomier that someone can go down a size from what they wore in previous Rev'it gear (but I'm not going to issue any challenges to Anthony this time! ).

I've always been a Rev'it size 50, and the large (50-52) Horizon jacket was the right fit for me. Sure, I could squeeze into the medium jacket -- it wasn't absolutely too small -- but it was a very snug fit, noticeably tight in the armpits and across the chest. With the liner in, it left no room for anything under it besides a thin base layer. The medium would really only make sense if I were going to ride without the liner all the time AND I wanted a very snug fit.

If Rev'it ever asks you guys for customer feedback, I would say that I wish they made more of their stuff in number sizes (48, 50, 52, etc.) instead of letter sizes. Makes it so much easier to get a good fit!

Thanks, Ali.
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