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When we last left off, we had just finished up Josh’s fundraiser. It was an incredible amount of work but worth it in many ways. Many people were very generous, but even more important and exciting was seeing how many people enjoyed the day and just came out to support Josh in whatever way they could.

Immediately after the fundraiser, we had a previously scheduled four day backpacking trip in the Wind Rivers mountain range of Wyoming. This doesn’t really have anything to do with riding, but in a way it does. This whole ISDE planning and preparation has pretty much taken over our lives. Josh and I were both really looking forward to 4 days in some of the most beautiful country in the world doing something non-moto related. I had the opportunity to spend the time with all 3 of my sons and several of their friends. It was priceless.

This entire experience has been a family experience and it was nice to spend time with my other boys. We didn’t talk much ISDE, but it was a great workout for Josh, lugging a 40-50 pound pack around in the wilderness for four days.

Immediately after we got back last weekend, we were in for a marathon of final bike prep. Our deadline for getting the bike shipped and in a crate to Ohio to the AMA was last Friday.

We spent many late nights in the garage doing final prep. It looked like a hurricane had hit our garage.

But when it was all said and done, it was a huge relief.

Josh with the final product before cramming it in the crate.

Many wonderful sponsors have helped us. Local Hero MX printed all of our T-shirts, designed custom graphics, and has been a huge support. ADS Motorsports has bent over backwards to help us with parts, the fundraiser, and setting up Josh’s bike. ENVE Composites (makers of carbon fiber bike wheels and bike components, and also Josh’s employer) has been a huge help as well. There are many other sponsors and supporters and I apologize that I can’t list them all here, but any of them reading this know who they are. Thank you.

The next step was to meet up with our good friend Derek Nelson. Derek is a custom wood worker and also owner of CCS Racing and specializes in setup and distribution of COBRA mini motorcycles. We’ve been friends for many years, and he was a huge help in building a very nice crate for us. It was definitely nicer than anything I would have been able to build.

We did a dry run in his shop, and concluded the bike would fit and it would all work out for us.

We then brought it home and spent the entire evening last Thursday packing it for the big ride. It first goes to the AMA in Ohio, where they then put it in the U.S. Container with all of the riders bikes/crates and then on to Germany.

I told you that this entire experience has been a family affair. Here, Mom and little sister get it on the action by painting Josh’s name on the crate.

All this and more has to fit in the crate.

It all fit.

Josh commented at this moment that it was very surreal that we were actually doing this. It seemed like a dream.

Last Friday, Josh took the crate to work at Enve Composites ready for it to be picked up and on its way for good.

And away she goes…..

This was a huge relief and milestone. Josh is now focused solely on training, remaining safe, and doing all he can to prepare for his first ISDE. Thank you to everyone who has shown such great support thus far through this experience.
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