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[QUOTE=SuchesRider;19307737]I am having a problem with my 08 DRZ400S. I upgraded the carb to the FCR39 model and I think I might be having a problem with the vacuum line/petcock. The bike has been running really rough, I have been getting bad gas mileage, and the engine periodically cuts off while riding. The vacuum line is not kinked or loose. This weekend I rode it and had all of the above symptoms, but decided to change the petcock setting from ON to PRI (bypassing the vacuum line). The engine appeared fine on PRI.

Have any of you heard of anything like this before? What is the impact (at all) of leaving the petcock on the PRI setting and bypassing the vacuum line? What could be wrong with the vacuum process?

I did some research on the internet about this issue, but did not find any definitive. However, a couple of DRZ owners mentioned that they were getting gas in the oil. So today I emptied the oil and it is very liquidy and smells like gas.

Not sure what to do next.

Any suggestions?
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Chuck the vacuum petcock & put a Yamaha 2GU-24500-02 manual valve on there. Photo shown is on my '09 DRZ400S with a Clarke 3.9 gallon tank. Fits PERFECT & is way cheaper & more dependable than the OEM Suzuki part. Just remember to turn the valve to "off" when you park it. Don't forget to put a vacuum cap over the nipple on the carb.

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