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Originally Posted by cug View Post
Personally, for stuff like that I prefer a WR250R. Lighter, cheaper, tougher (less breakage on drops), easier to ride in this terrain.

I can't understand why people insist on taking 210+ kg bikes that cost 13k+ USD on trails like that. Might be that I don't have enough money for stuff like that. Or that I rather spend my money for the right tool for a job.
That would be the hardest stuff I would do and it wont be the whole trail like that. Just short sections. The reason I dont want a WR or similar is because I want a bike I can ride the 100 to 500 miles to get to the trails comfortably. I have ridden a ton of miles on a bike that doesnt have good wind protection, and I do not want that again....just personal preference really. This is going to be my solo off road bike. If I want to do anything harder I will buy a WR or DR.

I do appreciate your input and opinion though.:)

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