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I'm kind of different than most as I don't really go for the whole "stealth" camping thing. For one thing if you are out of site then there can't be any witnesses to anything someone does to you. Second, why bother? Worst thing that has ever happened to me crashing out in the open is I've been asked to move and usually long after I've gotten a few hours sleep so I don't consider it a problem You can park in almost any parking lot and just lay out by your bike and be there all night before anyone will say anything. The idea you have to hide conveys to many that you have a reason to hid and can often make people suspicious. Heck I camped out at a closed gas station in plain view of the road for 2 days and saw cops go by all the time and no body cared. As to people messing with you, first I'm a big guy so it just doesn't happen that much second I have a cell phone and once you start calling the cops the tone starts to change. I am also ready to use other means to defend myself but I know it's a controversial topic that we don't need to rehash again.

I will not however lie to try and take advantage of anyone. I might ask for a deal or if I can work off a meal or campsite but I don't pretend to be broke to get people to give me stuff. Far as I'm concerned you might as well be stopping and sit by the road with a sign asking for money when you do that.
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