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Isn't that dangerous?
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Interesting thread over in OC

If you recall, I posted a couple weeks ago that with mine, it overheated on the way home from a ride. It would climb through 5 bars, the fan would go on and it just went to 6 and then 7 bars if I let it. No hint of anything until it just started happening. Fortunately, it started acting up about 12 miles from home, so I was able to ride about a mile or two, turn it off for 10 minutes, ride another 1-2 miles, etc.. Again, no hint of anything, and the oil pressure light was not going on.

Subsequent inspection showed the water pump failed hard. The pump has been replaced but the bike is still overheating and getting oil in the water, but there's no white exhaust smoke. The shop is thinking head gaskets, but I suggested checking with KTM tech support, which they said they'd do tomorrow.

I'll post whatever happens.
Sorry to hear that Walter. Keep us posted. I recently had a brand new OEM radiator with the upgraded fan switch installed. While the bike rarely now gets to 5 bars, I have some coolant escaping somewhere on the right side. It is hard to pinpoint where it is coming from, possibly one of the clamps/hose connections, I don't know how well the shop burped it so I will try that on my own but am pretty frustrated that this is happening after I spent an ungodly amount getting a laundry list of things done recenlty. the good news is the bike is running well overall. My carbs were way out of sync and I had a bad fitting BMC air filter that needed some custom cajoling to get it to seal properly.

Deos anyone else have a mystery coolant leak. It is not getting in my oil. I now have a CJ designs clutch cover so I can see when the waterpump fails (again). If so, what have you determined it to be? I am not losing much, so it seems like it is getting presurized out somehow, and tends to happen more during "high speed" runs, which with me is anytime I go on the highway.
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