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Okay. I know. I'm a bad girl. I get you guys halfway through the project, finish it up, then abandon the thread in lieu of the beautiful weather. HOWEVER, she's done!!

So, I got all the guards welded, painted, and in place. Then it was just a matter of tires and test rides. I went with the Full Bore M-40 Rear tire, but had to practice my tire patching skills before I removed the old street tire.

It was a LOT harder than I thought. Then the fun part of removing the old and putting on the new. Didn't get any pictures of that one, but here is the end result.

Wanted to test it. The rear worked great, but the front was still a semi-bald street tire that did not like oozie goozie mud.

The guard worked well though!

So, time to replace that front tire. Only problem was the fact that I am still running the stock wheels and finding dual sport tires in 17" leaves you with few choices. So, I decided on the Shinko 705 because it is practically the exact same tread pattern as the Full Bore. And, the height of the tire made it the equivalent of a 19" tire instead of a low profile 17". PROBLEM! When it arrived in the mail I realized that not only was it a rear tire (so I would have to mount it backward inducing a wobble at high speed) but it only comes in a tubbed model in that size. But I am one tenacious stubborn woman, so we made it work. Here are a couple comparison shots.

New one behind the old one.

Side by side.

Now, we get to the "fun" part.

Gotta love a press!

Okay. I'm short, so don't laugh... much. Here I am attempting to get enough leverage on the damn thing. I'm not sure what I was saying, but I look pissed in this picture. Hmm, not entirely sure why.

And, here it is on the bike, mounted backward. I don't feel like going into a gigantic explanation as to the importance of switching the direction, so I won't. But, if you are mounting a tire designed for acceleration onto a position designed for stopping, you need to adjust for the difference. And, yes. It does create a wobble at speeds over 60mph and will need to be replaced sooner, but at that time I think I'll just spring for the TKC-80 and not mess with this headache again.

And, here it is in the sunset all put together and ready for adventure!

It was a fun project and I learned a lot about the bike after tearing it apart so many times. I really do love the way she handles off-road. Given the limitations I had in her build, I think it turned out extremely well. If I were taller, I could have upgraded the forks and suspension pieces without worry. If I had more money, I could replace the wheels and get a set of TKC-80s in a proper size. However, I am short, so I had to make it function at a lower seat height. And, I'm not a millionaire yet, so I was working with a small budget.

She is peppy, she is fun, she has attitude and class, and she can eat corners faster than my husband's F800GS. So it is well worth the effort.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having an awesome Summer season! It is time to RIDE!!
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