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Originally Posted by pvangel View Post
Max is one of my sons friends and yes it is amazing how fast these 450's are!
Aaron and Matt are both members at Milford so I get to see them ride all the time and aside from being great riders they are both good kids and wish them luck in there pursuit of becoming pro!
watching the video's you keep waiting for a big rush of throttle/exhaust sound but it never really happens but you can definitely tell by how fast they are moving when they're on the gas. I still marvel at the starts. when we used to race the starts were organized madness with everyone wildly revving on/off/on/off waiting for the gate (or rubberband) to drop/snap.

now they all just sit there and hold it wide open.

keep up the good work with the video's they may never win an academy award but I get a kick out of them. where is that practice track you're on?
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