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My Dos Centavo's

Enclosed, Enclosed, Enclosed

We are getting into the same situation soon.

My wife (still works) and I are talking about doing the same thing. When we get her to retire, we plan on traveling pulling a trailer for the rig. We have many miles two up, this time doing it with a Sidecar months at a time. Doing the same thing, find a place to home base the "STUFF" and ride the rig out from there and back on our schedule or the weathers schedule. And move about at a leisurely pace.

I have done a lot of dirt bike and sand stuff and nuttin is better than an enclosed trailer for when you are away from it. Helps keep your stuff, "YOUR STUFF" generally. Besides when you are rolling from place to place iffin YOUR STUFF falls off while in the trailer, YOUR STUFF is still with you, albeit dirty and scratched up from sliding around on the floor but you still got it! For me Lesson Lernt

I am down to one 10K GVW equipment trailer. The enclosed trailer I want will be tandem axle , torsion bar suspension with 4 wheel brakes loading ramp door with dual side entries or and nose entry plus one door.

Some of the upsides include. You can safely store tools and parts. Use as storage while out and about. Makes a clean environment to work on the bike iffin the trailer is the right size and doors are in the proper spots. Plus once you get it rigged loading, unloading and securing the rig can become a one man job.

Hows that for Dos Centavo's
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