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SInce this is my first 2 wheeler ever my observations are somewhat limited. I'd like to hear from others to compare notes: The PCX150 is a really nice looking machine. Its quiet, handles well and pretty mich is a sum of the positives others speak to. I'm on my 2nd tank of fuel, The "low fuel" comes on pretty quick once you get to 1/2 a tank & will make you sweat it out until you realize you still have almost a half gallon to spare. I removed the seat bump to attempt to attain more seating flexibility but it didnt prove to be of any benefit. The area where it resideson the seat is not cushioned nor is the seat material (vinynl) glued to that part of the seat--there is just a void of space. Pickup seems strong up to 40-45 MPH but after 45 it struggles to 50-55. I have not had it past 58-- I dont think it will go much faster than that. plus I'm not too comfortable waiting for it to climb to 60> with my current rider skillset. For the record I weigh 202 lbs and am 5'11". The fit & finish is good, the controls have a sold feel , and the seat storage is impressive. The seat closing task is a bit goofy-- you have to press it down firm and listen/feel for the latching, others have mentioned this as well. The engine cadence on the 150 is somewhat gurgley-- unlike metropolitan which is smoother sounding. I hope either (a) it needs a shop adjustment of some type or (b) it just isnt broken in yet to go near 70 mph as I heard others therorize based on owning a PCX 125. I have 120 miles on it so far....

The Metropolitan: The wife likes it Nice scooter all the way around, Excellant choice for a first timer. The accelaration is about what I expected-- even exceeds a little bit . It is one user frendily scooter.. There is little if any fault with this scooter, too--It is a good choice she did see a Vino she liked the looks of better-- but I think it is 2-300 bucks more for same 50cc motor size. I would be amazed if anyone had any negitive surprises with this scooter.

You summed it up perfectly - I have 230 miles on my 150 and experience the same thing. Hopefully it is a break in thang and I feel more stable above 55mph!! If it got up to 65 or 70 quicker that would help - but to hit 45 and have full throttle and slowly creep to 60 is no good!!! Un nerving .
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