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Just got mine today... definately a lot heavier (substantial) than I expected. Screen is the same size as the Ipaq PDA I'd been using. Loaded up Oziexplorer and maps. The short test on the way home, it seems to pick up satellites reasonably fast and thus location pretty quick. So far so good.
2 mounting kits (1 handlebar, 1 windscreen).
The supplied OS utils are typical Chinese software, it works, but pretty crap. However this is not why I bought it, so it shouldn't really be an issue.
Things to change...
boot up screen. It's sold as a motorcycle gps, so why is there a picture of a car???
ability to turn off the bluetooth, currently it doesn't look like it can be turned off.
ability to select different gps programs from startup. It would be nice to have choice of tomtom and oziexplorer.

overall, looks ok, will need to wait till the weekend to wire up to the bike and test it more.
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